Police & Public Safety Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve called the police! How long before I get the police here?
Police are dispatched through Oakland County Dispatch immediately through a call to 911 and will arrive as soon as possible.

When do I call 911?
If you are in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.

For non-emergency issues, you can call the Holly Police Department front desk at 248-634-8221.
The front desk is staffed Monday – Saturday, 8-4pm.

I’ve locked my keys in the car! Can you help me?
Yes, when available the Holly Police Department offers lockout service for the Holly Village residents only.

Somebody stole my license plate! Will you take the report?
Yes we will.

How do I call animal control?
The clerk is at the Police Department Monday through Saturday 8-4 PM to advise if your pet is lost and to put your pet information in our lost and found book. Leave a message after hours at Holly PD so your lost pet can be added to our lost and found book when the clerk is not onsite.

How do I complain about police service?
You start by speaking with a supervisor at the Police Department. With the assistance of the supervisor, you will figure out the problem. The immediate supervisor of the officer will attempt to resolve the conflict to your satisfaction according to departmental policy. If it cannot be resolved at that level, the supervisor will provide you with a citizen complaint package. You will be requested to fill out a complaint form. If you are unable to do so, the supervisor will complete one for you and forward it to office of the Chief of Police. An investigation will be conducted and you will be notified of the outcome by the Chief of Police.

Can I make a report with the Holly Police Department if the crime or accident occurred outside the village?
No. Even though you may live here, we can only take reports of crimes or accidents that occur within the village limits. You will have to contact the jurisdiction where the incident occurred to file a police report. If it is an incident that is not serious in nature, the police department in the jurisdiction in which it occurred may have a program similar to the Holly Police Department’s in which you can file the report right over the telephone.

How much will my bond be?
Felony charges and domestic violence offenses will not have a bond. Misdemeanor offense bonds will depend on a number of factors, including the type of offense and the state of the defendant. You may contact the 52/2 District Court or the village Attorney’s office for specific information.

Can you tell me if someone I know has been arrested?
We can tell you if they are in the police station, at the court, or if we transported them to the Oakland County Jail. In certain situations, we will release what charges they are facing, but for specific information we may refer you to the Freedom of Information Act.

I let my friend stay with me for a few days and now he/she won’t leave! Can you throw him/her out for me?
Unfortunately, now that you have let him stay, even for one night, he can claim he has established residency. If he refuses to leave, you must go through the formal eviction process at the 52/2 District Court to make it legal for him to be thrown out. This is a civil matter.

Where do I register my gun?
If you are a Holly Village resident you may register it at the Holly PD Monday through Saturday 8-4 PM. You may also apply for a purchase permit on those days and times.

The court ordered me to submit to regular Preliminary Breath Tests (PBTs), can you help me?
Yes, Preliminary Breath Tests (PBTs) can be administered at the front desk of the Holly Police Department. There is a $10.00 fee for all PBT tests. Please bring correct change.

How do I get a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?
You must go to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office located in the County Complex at 1200 Telegraph Road (north of the Oakland Pointe and Summit Place Mall shopping centers).

When can I make a missing person report?
Usually the person must be missing for 24 hours. However, if the missing person is a minor, or if there are extenuating circumstances, the Holly Police Department will take a missing persons report immediately.

How do I get a copy of a police report?
Records may be obtained by filling out a FOIA form at the Village Offices located at 202 S. Saginaw, Monday through Thursday 8AM-5:30PM.

The Police Dept. will process gun purchase permits Monday through Saturday.
My mailing address says I live in Holly, should I call the Holly Police?

The Village of Holly Police Department service area is restricted to the Village of Holly boundaries. If you live in Holly or Rose Township you must call the Michigan State Police for service.