Building & Code Enforcement

The Department of Building & Code Enforcement is responsible for the safety and orderly conduct of residences, businesses and events in the Village of Holly.

Zoning and Planning

Before taking any action to build or improve a property, or to open a business, please review the information for Village of Holly Zoning & Planning. Properties in the Historical District may also have special requirements and restrictions.

Building and Improvements

The Village of Holly requires permits for most improvements, repairs and new construction, including inspections of work completed. The following forms should be submitted in a timely manner to the Village of Holly (fees may apply–on auto-calculating forms, please DOUBLE CHECK the total fee amount before submitting the form and payment).

Guides and Information

Contractors doing work in the Village of Holly must register with the Building and Code Enforcement department annually before performing any work.





Right of Way Permit


Fire Code Compliance Permit for Tents and Canopies

Freestanding buildings under 200 square feet are not required to have a building permit, but a compliance application and inspection must be filed with the Village of Holly


The Village of Holly requires sign permits for free-standing, window, attached or marquee signs, in accordance with the signage ordinance. Please check with the Village of Holly before having any sign installed or work done on existing signs.

Rental Properties

Rental properties in the Village of Holly require inspection and approval before occupancy. Use the checklist below to ensure your rental property is ready prior to inspection for registration.

Rental Registration Form

Special Events & Activities

Special Event Application and Regulations

If you would like to hold a special public event in the Village of Holly, please complete the above application and review the regulations in its entirety. Special Event applications are required to be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event date(s).

The Village of Holly is the ideal location for film scenes, with our historic downtown, picturesque neighborhoods and scenic lakes. Please submit the film permit application at least three days before filming.

A permit is required to hold a public auction in the Village of Holly.
Vendors wishing to solicit local businesses are required to fill out this permit.
Please note: peddling and solicitation of Village of Holly residents is strictly forbidden.

Report a Code Violation

If you are aware of a code violation, you can notify the village using the online Report a Code Violation. You must provide accurate contact information for the code violation to be investigated, but your report will remain confidential.