Taxes & Assessing

2019 Tax Millage Rate

The 2022 Tax Millage Rate for Village of Holly residents is 11.6506 mills. To calculate your Village tax bill based upon the Village, you will need your property’s 2020 Taxable Value and use the following formula:

(2022 Taxable Value X Mileage Rate) / 1,000 = Tax Bill

Example: A home in the Village of Holly home with a taxable value of $45,000, the tax bill will be:

45,000 x 11.6506 / 1000 = $524.28

Special Assessments

Garbage Services

The Village of Holly places on each residential tax bill a special assessment for garbage pickup.  The assessment for the 2019 tax season was $200.00.

Holly Mill Pond
The Holly Mill Pond Special Assessment District is an area of land bordering the Holly Mill Pond in which homeowners are assessed an annual cost for the treatment of nuisance weeds each summer.  The amount of the special assessment is based upon the amount of lake front footage each homeowner on the Mill Pond has.  The Mill Pond special assessment for the 2020 tax season was:

Improved Land (Residential or Commercial Property):  $1.8000 per square footUn-Improved Lane (Vacant Lots): $0.9000 per square foot.

Getting Tax Information

Information on your tax assessments is available year-round from the Village of Holly office staff.

Assessment/Property Value Information

Holly Township currently handles the assessment services for the Village of Holly.  For property value information you can contact Holly Township at (248) 634-9331 or visit their website at

Assessing Board of Review

If you would like to appeal your property tax assessment, find out more information here.

Estimate your Taxes

The State of Michigan Department of Treasury web site has a helpful tool to use in estimating your property taxes.  
Please note this can ONLY be used as an estimate and the State will not have the current tax rates.

Additional Resources

Tax information can also be assessed through the Oakland County Property Gateway which is a map-based web application through Oakland County.  There is a fee for this service but available information includes:

Residential Property Profile
Commercial and Industrial Profile
Mortgage Application Acceleration Program
Map Atlas Viewer
Current Tax Profile
Delinquent Tax Profile

Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption
Principle Residence Exemption
Rescind Residence Exemption
Summer Tax Deferment
Tax Information/Address Change Form (Contact Holly Township)
Property Transfer Affidavit
Federal Tax Forms
State Tax Forms