Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure of the Village of Holly.

Street and Road Maintenance

The DPW provides snow removal, shoulder maintenance, pothole patching, sidewalk and curb repair and signage services for more than 7 miles of major trunk-line and 15 miles of village streets, including all allies and dirt roads.

Trees and signs on easements in the right-of-way are handled by the Department of Public Works, and assist the Department of Building and Code Enforcement with right-of-way work permits.

Water & Sewer Infrastructure

The Village of Holly has one of the areas most efficient and well-maintained water and sewer systems, which is maintained by the DPW. The water and sewer system includes four wells connected to miles of pipes, numerous lift stations and catch basins, three water towers with a capacity of 875, 000 gallons, and several pressure booster stations.

Residents with issues in water meters, water mains or other water/sewer system problems can contact the DPW for service.

The DPW is also responsible for ensuring the quality of Holly’s water, and conducts weekly, monthly, and annual samples to test lead, copper, arsenic and other requirements of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The DPW also performs daily checks and maintenance of the Millpond Dam.

Buildings, Parks & Cemeteries, and Special Events

The Department of Public Works handles the maintenance of Village of Holly buildings and vehicles, as well as grooms the 7 parks and playgrounds within the Village of Holly. The DPW also provides maintenance and support for Lakeside Memorial Cemetery and funerals/burials, as well as other special events and festivals within the Village.

Brian Klaassen, Director of Public Works

Brian Klaassen was appointed the Director of Public Works in September, 2010, succeeding long-time director Marv Swanson. Brian has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Walsh College, and his career in public works has spanned more than 20 years. In addition to leading the 6 members of the public works staff of the Village of Holly, Brian is involved with the American Public Works Association as the membership chairman and state Vice President. Brian has S-2 and D-2 water certifications and is also a certified pesticide applicator.