Burn Permit

The Village of Holly requires Village residents who wish to burn to secure a permit. There is no cost for a burn permit. Only one burn permit is required per calendar year. You do not need to submit a burn permit each time you wish to burn. The permit is for Village of Holly residents only–if you do not live within the village limits, you must contact your local government for burning regulations.


Open burning is allowed by permit only, and shall be issued by the Village of Holly subject to the rules of this article.

No burning shall be permitted within 50′ of any structure. Authorized containers shall be 15′ from any structure.

No burning on or along roadways.

No flammable liquids shall be permitted to ignite the fire. (ie. Gasoline, Kerosene, Starter Fluid, etc.)

Fire must be attended at all times by someone with the capabilities of extinguishing the fire.

The size of the burn area shall be no larger than 3′ in diameter.

Burning violations may be subject to fines in accordance with Civil Infraction Citation penalties. First offense will be $50.00, secondoffense $100.00, third offense $250.00, fourth offense $500.00, all subsequent offenses $500.

Fires at night may be permitted with special permission for the day the fire is desired.

REMEMBER, burning is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. It shall be the option of the fire official to dictate the right to burn.


Untreated lumber, seasoned firewood


Rubber, Tar Paper, Brush, Leaves, Rubber Tires, Railroad Ties, Creosote, Impregnated Materials, Building Materials (except untreated wood) Refuse, paper, waste material or other combustible materials shall be burned in containers of metal or masonry construction which may contain openings no larger than one inch in width on the sides and top during the burning process. Access doors for loading or cleaning shall be kept closed during the burning process.

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