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Village Council

The Village Council is elected by the citizens of the Village of Holly to represent them and govern the Village. Council members are elected for four-year terms, and terms are staggered between two classes of council members every two years. The Village President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Village and chairs the Village Council. The Village President is elected for two-year terms.

Village President

Ryan Delaney
Term Expires:  2024

Liaison: DDA
Committees: Personnel, Finance, Community Development

Council Members

Debra Musgrave
Term Expires: 2024
Committees: Buildings & Grounds, Community Development, Public Works
Richard Kinnamon
Term Expires: 2026
Liaison: Planning Commission
Committees:  Public Safety, Building & Grounds, Community Development, Public Works, Ethics
April Brandon
Term Expires: 2026
Liaison: Zoning Board of Appeals
Committees: Personnel, Finance, Environment, Ethics
Amber Kier
Term Expires: 2026
Liaison: Parks Commission
Committees: Personnel, Finance, Public Safety, Environment, Ethics, Charter & Ordinance
James Perkins
Term Expires: 2024
Liaison: Historic District Commission,
Committees: Environment, Public Works, Building & Grounds
Paul Harrington
Term Expires: 2024
Committees:  Public Safety, Charter & Ordinance
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