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Police/Fire Safety Operations Special Assessment Update


In February the Village Council authorized a Police/Fire public safety operations special assessment proposal of 3-mills for the November General Election ballot.  However, we were notified late last week that Oakland County Elections included this proposal on the ballots for the August 2nd Primary Election.  Before any misinformation goes out, this was not planned, and was a surprise to everyone.   A special Council meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 27th at 7:00 pm, at which time Council will approve the placement on the August 2, 2022 ballot.

WHAT THE FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR: Funds raised from the special assessment are critical in maintaining current staffing levels and updating emergency response equipment.  An example of equipment needing to be replaced is the fire department ladder truck. At 34 years old the ladder truck is useful but is way past its life expectancy.   Because of its age, many parts that wear out on the truck are not produced any longer.  In addition to maintaining emergency personnel, approval of the assessment would free up a small portion of general funds for sidewalk, streets and park repairs.  Sidewalks and streets will be required to be repaired due to safety reasons and those funds will have to be paid from the general fund.  Without approval of the special assessment, those expenses will result in public safety cuts.

HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST ME:  In the Village 1-mill is equal to $50 for every $50,000 of taxable value.  The taxable value is less than the actual value of your property.  The average property in the Village has a taxable value of $49,000.  Therefore, if approved, the average annual cost would be approximately $150 per household, or around $0.41 cents per day.

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