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Water will be shut off on Thursday morning around 9 a.m. on 10/14/2021 for several hours to repair and replace water valves and tie the new main into existing water main.  This will affect homes/businesses on Lakeview between N. Sagianaw and the Railroad tracks.  Be aware after water service has been restored to your home or business you will have to boil water until further notice. This should be for 48 hours or until the water tests show no signs of bacteria. There may be some discoloration in your water for a short period of time. You also may encounter air in your lines that could cause spurts of air to come out of your faucets; this should clear up in a short period of time with use.  Please run one tap preferably a tub or laundry sink for about 10 minutes to clear up any discoloration.

We will take every precaution necessary to make sure water will be running clear coming into your home or business after water has been restored.

Also be aware there’s a possibility the water may be off longer if the Contractor runs into problems. Sorry for this inconvenience, but your patience would be deeply appreciated. In the case of inclement weather making the repair impossible, the work will be done the following day at the same time.

If you should have questions, please feel free to contact

Brian Klaassen, DPW Supervisor at (248) 634-2202

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