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Notice of Public Hearing-Special Land Use

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with Articles 11 and 17 of the Village of Holly Zoning Ordinance, the Village of Holly Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on a request for a special land use permit on May 24, 2017 at 7:00 PM (or as soon thereafter as possible) in the Village Council Chambers located at 920 E. Baird Street, Holly, Michigan.

An application for a special land use permit was filed by Mr. Charles Truan, Dawson Tire & Wheel, 69 Renten Court, Bloomfield Hills, MI to permit outside storage at 4092 Grange Hall Road, IH-01-27-301-017. The proposed use is allowed only after review and approval by the Holly Planning Commission in accordance with Section 157.120 through 157.130 of the Holly Zoning Ordinance.

Written comments may be submitted to the Village Clerk/Treasurer, 300 East Street, Karl Richter Center, Holly, Michigan 48442 prior to the review and may also be submitted at the meeting. All documents pertinent to the application are available for inspection in the Village Offices at the above address during regular business hours.

Interested persons are encouraged to attend the meeting. Handicapped persons needing assistance to attend are asked to contact the village offices at least 48 hours prior to the meeting at (248) 634-9571 during regular business hours.

Deborah J. Bigger
Village of Holly

Published: May 7, 2017
Tri-County Times Posted: May 3, 2017

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